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A perfectly designed logo should say everything about your company using as few words and images as possible. There are 3 variations of logos. Font-based, Icon-based, and a Font/Icon combo.

Vectorize My Logo
Get your current logo vectored for print.
  • 24 Hour Turnaround

Font Based Logo
Basic logo package to get you started.
  • 3 Option Submissions

  • 3 Revision Cycles

  • 1 Week Turnaround

Icon Based Logo
Say it with a symbol in an Icon logo.
  • 4 Option Submissions

  • 4 Revision Cycles

  • 2 Week Turnaround

Font/Icon Logo
The King of all logos!
  • Custom Font/Icon

  • 5 Option Submissions

  • Unlimited Revisions


Raster vs. Vector

There are two worlds where logos and brands can live, on the web and in print. These two worlds have their own set of rules. Here is an easier way to think about it.

Rasters (jpeg, png, gif, and sometimes pdf) are best used on the web since they can remain small. If you attempt to increase their size, they will pixelate or become blurry. This can still happen on the web if the file is too small.

Vectors (ai, eps, and sometimes pdf) are favored for print. These file types are capable of being resized to the size of a building and still retain their tight edges.

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